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Think of Showlabs as your window to explore previously uncharted territory. Showlabs visualizes all of the data that we currently gather and analyze for Netflix and linear television. We track every aspect of audience behavior to provide a comprehensive understanding into the viewing habits and preferences of hundreds of thousands of consumers in nearly twenty markets around the world, including the US, Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil and more.

Our easy-to-use dashboard also provides:

  • Targeted and specific data that can be narrowed down by filters and search
  • Ability to export selected data into a CSV or PDF file
  • An intuitive and fast product experience
  • Granular, reliable, and robust analytics

Linear Telemetry

We’ve developed an innovative solution that gathers data from proprietary smartwatches and set-top boxes to measure in-home and out-of-home radio and TV consumption in Poland. The consumer’s habits are tracked around-the-clock, and PlumResearch provides both hardware and software products to ensure the accuracy of our methodology.


Tunelabs is a breakthrough product for the music industry. The platform tracks and processes real-time data from hundreds of radio stations around the world, as well as social media sites and multiple streaming services (including Spotify and SoundCloud) to present accurate insights on artist performance and reach.


An award-winning app making it possible for merchants to control each stage of ticket distribution. TicketWicket’s core focus is to understand each user and provide a wide spectrum of up-selling.

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