Leaders in the international tech and media world gathered for the fifth annual International Innovation Forum, rASiA.com, in Moscow on June 20, 2016.

This event brings well-known technology and media experts from Europe, Asia, Russia and the United States together to promote the exchange of tech knowledge and information. The open forum allows leaders, startups and entrepreneurs in the industry to discuss their experiences and opens up opportunities to collaborate and expand their businesses.

This year our CEO Lukasz Jeziorski participated in the VI Forum. The core motto of the Forum was “Transformation of the Global Economy.”

“This is a great opportunity to show the experts and crowd at the rASIA.com Forum what we do at PlumResearch,” said Jeziorski. “It’s also important to remain up-to-date on the latest innovations in the field and make as many connections at possible.”

There are a number of topics discussed in the main TELL Forum (Technology, Edutainment, Life & Lifestyle) and participants are encouraged to give their perspective on new innovations in the industry and how trends are rapidly changing the media landscape all over the world.

Our CEO represented PlumResearch and took spoke on multiple panels including:

Tracking gamers - Their interaction with streaming services and brands
Craig Allen - Spark Unlimited/Disney Software
Jeroen Doucet - ComingNextTV
Lukasz Jeziorski - Plum Research
Moderator: Nataliya Chaikovskaya - Game Show

Attractiveness of investment in eSports
Demid Kuznetsov - Itech Capital
John Lee - Kek.tv
Igor Kaloshin - Intel Software
Lukasz Jeziorski - Plum Research
Alexander Galitsky - Almaz Capital
Moderator: Alexey Burdyko - Game Show

Cyber sport
Lidiya Fadeeva - Rambler&Co
Lukasz Jeziorski - Plum Research
Moderator: Mikhail Kamenetskiy - Game Show