This August, PlumResearch CEO and Founder Łukasz Jeziorski sat down with Forbes Poland to talk about how he launched PlumResearch, what gives his company an edge on the market, and why Plum is one of the hottest startups in Poland right now.

PlumResearch tracks 15 different audience behavior metrics (including hook points, age and gender, completion rates, and hourly viewing trends) to pin down what shows and movies are on the rise across Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, as well as linear TV households.

One of the first companies globally to tackle SVOD audience analytics, starting in 2015, PlumResearch has built a powerful independent measurement solution that shows the full picture of consumption — what engages viewers and drives results for the industry.

Plum’s current roster of clients includes major film and production studios, broadcasters and talent agencies in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

Recently PlumResearch raised PLN 10 million (2.6M USD) for further development of their flagship product, Showlabs, which will include expansion to additional SVOD services and cross-platform capabilities.