Pulling back the curtain on global SVOD audience consumption is not an easy feat — few have attempted to build the robust panels required to get a comprehensive picture of audience engagement and behavior; many have failed.

We currently monitor 80 percent of the global SVOD market,” says Lukasz Jeziorski, CEO and Founder of PlumResearch, which has been tracking Netflix since 2015, and recently expanded to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and linear TV households.

Jeziorski adds: “We’re seeing viewers connect, content-wise, to a broad spectrum of shows and movies, from hyper-local to international. For example, people don’t only want to watch scripted content and movies — they want to watch reality shows or something a bit more niche as well. We have all that data.”

The company focuses on building panels in leading markets, such as the US, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia, to name a few, and also has its eye on entering Asia next year.

And, the COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed things down. In fact, viewers are spending significantly more time on streaming platforms, and subscription rates have universally gone up.

All of this means that PlumResearch’s clients, which include major film studios, television networks, broadcasters, and talent agencies, are using Plum’s analytics to better understand their audience’s trends and tastes in almost real time: data has replaced intuition.

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