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What we do

Plum Research is an independent source dedicated to providing the most reliable Big Data for Big Media.

New approach

Unlike traditional media measurement companies, Plum uses its internal resources to gather huge data sample into the hundred of thousand or millions rather than the typical “purchase” data sample that range from the thousands to perhaps 10’s of thousands.

Plum Research has applied 21st century technology to 1990’s data collection and measurement techniques.

Biggest sample

We have the largest data sample available today, providing the most accurate and detailed audience measurement for all digital media—streaming, downloads, and torrent activity.

To do this, Plum gathers data across all platforms and devices—Mac, Windows, PC, mobile devices, set top boxes and smart TV’s, representing a complete revolution in data analysis.

Plum Research also identifies and tracks the movement of unauthorized content and identifies the source torrent site or digital locker.


World’s largest data sample covering all continents.


The Plum Research dashboard employs deep machine learning to present near real time data in a simple and easy to understand user interface.


Track your content’s performance across multiple streaming and download services, platforms and devices.


Determine the TRUE value of your content and formulate better business decisions.

Why us?

Plum Research is comprised of a group of individuals dedicated to bringing Silicon Valley technology consciousness to upend and update old, traditional data collection and audience measurement methodology.

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