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Our mission

Plum Research is dedicated to providing our clients with the most reliable data available in order for them to best serve their audience, maximize marketing dollars and increase ROI.

Measurement 2.0

Big media is demanding more intelligent and precise data around audience behavioral patterns.

Plum Research meets and surpasses these demands by gathering and converting huge amounts of data into understandable and actionable information that will allow media companies to take their business to new levels.

Plum is a tech and business focused research company that employs new and revolutionary methods to measure audiences that old school research companies have never been able to accurately develop and deliver. Traditional media measurement companies typically buy their data, resulting in small, unreliable samples. Plum Research uses it’s own resources to provide extremely large data sample that result in a much more reliable audience measurement profile.

Why us?

Plum Research is comprised of a group of individuals dedicated to bringing Silicon Valley technology consciousness to upend and update old, traditional data collection and audience measurement methodology.

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